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Richard Weekley: Texas Ranks "Best in the Nation" in Tort Liability Index but Report Shows More Reforms are Needed, May 15, 2006
The Pacific Research Institute (“PRI”) in San Francisco has completed the first “U.S. Tort Liability Index: 2006 Report,” a comprehensive analysis comparing the tort systems of all fifty states. After weighing 39 variables ranging from caps on punitive damages to appeal-bond caps, Texas was ranked best in the nation. Had the study been done before the 2003 tort reforms, researchers say the state would have ranked 26th.

Texas No. 1 in National Tort Liability Study, May 15, 2006
A cutting edge report just released shows that while Texas still has some glaring civil justice problems to address -- most notably the state's notorious "judicial hellholes," Texas tort reforms have strengthened the state's economy in a variety of ways and are improving the quality of life for every Texan.

Governor Hosts Authors of National Tort Liability Index, May 15, 2006
Gov. Rick Perry hosted the authors of a national study that links the tort reforms passed under his leadership to the state's booming economy, job market and business growth.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform Announces PAC Director Departure, Houston Chronicle, April 26, 2006
Richard W. Weekley, Chairman and CEO of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, said, "Matt has been a key to TLR's success. He is conscientious, principled and exceptionally capable. All of us value Matt's contribution to our organization -- he is a person you can count on, no matter how tough the going or how strenuous the effort. We are thankful that Matt has been with us as PAC Director and we look forward to his contributions to the Texas civil justice system as a consultant to Texans for Lawsuit Reform."

Dallas Morning News, Reformers Still Can Make a Difference
Richard Weekley looked anguished on the eve of his most important political moment. Within 24 hours, the Texas House would consider four of the 11 tort reform proposals the Houston businessman had been promoting, day in and day out, for five months.

A look of concern, perhaps a tinge of panic, swept his angular face. The developer had been pulled away from his late, late dinner, learning that a high-level tort reform meeting was occurring with House leaders. Richard Weekley was not included; trial lawyers were there. What did that mean?

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